Remini AI Birthday Filter

Remini AI Birthday Filter Latest 2024

How to use Remini AI Birthday Filter

Remini AI Birthday Filter Overview

How To Add Birthday Filters On Image

  • First of all, you have to download or install the Remini latest version from our website.
  • After confirming that you have successfully downloaded the app now install it on your mobile phone.
  • Now, when you open it, you will see many options, but you have to select the AI Photo Enhancer option.
  • This AI-based enhancer has many amazing filters and features, The Birthday filter of AI is also one of them.
  • Now you have to upload photos in it and an AI photo enhancer will automatically analyze your image.
  • After the completion of the analysis, you need to select the birthday filter.
  • This birthday filter will automatically add many attractive birthday elements to your photos and will make your image special.
  • After adding the birthday filter, now click on the photo enhance button to enhance your image quality.

Additional Features of Remini AI Birthday Filter

Background Enhancement

As we know Remini all filters work on AI algorithms and it can enhance the whole image by adding some additional animated elements, especially in Remini AI Birthday Filter. This filter can improve the background by adding some animated things, color enhancement, background replacement, texture enhancement, and by adding blur. 

Birthday is especially helpful when you don’t have birthday balloons and decorations in your image background. You can easily add balloons and other decors to your photo background and you will feel real, no one can judge that it is an edited image.


One of the most amazing features is that you can also add many overlay things that you want. Such as balloons, birthday cake, stats, party hats, ribbons, confetti, hearts, text messages, and any other thing that you want. It offers a wide range of options for overly filters and things to make your images attractive. Moreover, you can make it more amazing by adding captions and text. 

Customizable Effects

Remini AI birthday filter is more beloved due to its unexpected customization options. It allows users to control things animation of things like balloons, hearts, stars, and party caps as well. Even more, you have a hold on animated moves, overly things size, and rotate options.

It allows users to select the color of the background and add things to make them more interested. This user can also add color filters to change the full image color and adjust its brightness, opacity, and other things that they want to change.

Additional feature of Remini AI Birthday Filter

Ending Thoughts

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